Fabric Softener

This is an easy and inexpensive “recipe” for Fabric Softener…

The “recipe” is
1 16-18oz bottle of Hair Conditioner (I used Suave)
3 cups of White Distilled Vinegar
6 cups hot (not boiling) water — I used hot water straight from the tap

(**I used an clean, empty 1 gallon tea jug to mix my fabric softener…)

Squirt the conditioner into your jug/bowl/mixing vessel (whatever you want to use) and add the 6 cups of hot water…put lid on and shake to mix completely
Then add 3 cups of vinegar and shake again to mix…

**You will want to shake the mixture each time before you use it…and use just as you would any other fabric softener…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy…as my son always says

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