Laundry Detergent

This is an easy powered laundry detergent…Costs very little compared to buying box after box (or bag after bag, or bottle after bottle) in the store…

The “recipe” is:
1 4lb box of Borax (in laundry detergent isle)
1 3lb box of Washing Soda (in laundry detergent isle)
1 4lb box of Baking Soda (in laundry detergent or baking isle)
1 bar of Zote soap (in laundry detergent isle) – grated **or see note below
1 bottle of Purex scent boosters (in laundry detergent isle) – or your favorite kind

(**Side Note:  you can add a tub of OxyClean to the mix…also you can use 2 bars of soap and 2 bottles of scent boosters…but I just used 1 of each and no OxyClean)  **I think I will try it this way next time 🙂

(**For the Zote soap:  I cut it up into pieces and put it into the microwave…it will get huge.  I pulled it out of microwave once there was a pile of “bubbles” and pulled the “bubbles” off the top, then put it back in for another round and repeated until there was no soap left…The “bubble” crumble once they cool, making it easier than grating)

Mix everything in a 5 gallon bucket and store covered with a lid…It only takes 2 tbsp. per load (3 if extra dirty)

BONUS — if you use the Purex crystals…put your detergent in the empty bottle (just refill when it gets low)…the plastic cup on top is perfect for measuring your detergent…to the top is about 3 tbsp. and there are lines inside the cup…the MIDDLE line is 2 tbsp.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy…as my son always says (and cost effective too)

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