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Crocheted Hot Pad

Today I crocheted a hot pad..was my first go-round with it.  It came out great 🙂

I used size H/8-5.00MM hook and Red Heart Super Saver Camo yarn in Platoon.

Here is the pattern I followed and the link to the site (Adventures of a DIY Mom) where she has posted pictures with the steps.

*To begin, chain 42.
*Then you will single crochet in each chain until you get to the end.
*When you get to the end you will not turn back like you normally do when crocheting something. Instead you will continue around and single crochet in each stitch of the unused side of the chain.
*You will continue around and around, as if you were crocheting in the round.
*When you get to the point where your two sides are touching, it’s time to finish it off.
*Measure your yarn so that it is long enough to go from one corner of the hot pad to the other and add several inches. Cut.
*Take a needle and sew the hot pad together. I sewed in each stitch. When you get to the end, weave in the yarn through a few stitches. Cut off yarn.

Thank you to Rachel at Adventures of a DIY Mom for sharing her pattern 🙂


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