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Door Stopper

My son’s door will not stay open, so I created a door stopper 🙂

Truly an easy pattern, it took me about an hour and a half to put this together, and that’s including cutting all the pieces out…


2 – 6″ square (for top and bottom)
4 – 6×8″ pieces (for sides)
1 – 6.5×4″ piece (for handle)

I also cut the same pieces out of extra firm fusible stabilizer (except for handle piece, I cut a 6.5×2″ piece) because I was using Fat Quarters and I wanted the material to have a little structure…

Also needed is cotton batting, pantyhose, and dried beans…

After cutting and ironing stabilizer to each piece (the handle I folded in half and put stabilizer in the middle, then sewed down each side), you will want to sew the following…

**The 4 side pieces, you sew them right sides facing along the 8″ side to create a box (the right sides will be facing in)
**Then sew the bottom (right side in) along all four sides
**For the top, you will need to sew the handle to the top, lining up the edges (make sure to backstitch at beginning and end)…Then you will want to sew around 3 sides of the top (make sure 2 of those sides are the sides where the handle is attached and that you are sewing the top right side in)

Then flip everything right side out.  Now you want to fill about 1/3 of your box with cotton batting…Then I took the leg of a pair of panty hose and filled it with dried beans and tied it off.  Put these beans inside the box next on top of the batting.  Finally, finish filling up the box with batting, packing it tight around the beans and on top.

Once everything is filled, hand sew the open edge…

And there you have a door stopper….

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