Grow an avocado tree

— Clean an avocado seed, and poke holes in it, using four toothpicks, placed on an equal distance apart from each other.

— Then, soak the seed in an inch of water, in a glass put in a warm place in the home, exposed it to sunlight.

— Within 2-8 weeks, you will notice a stem growing, and as soon as it reaches 6 inches, cut it to 3 inches. Wait for it to grow to 6 inches again, and leaves will start to appear.

— Make a hole of a few inches in a large pot with nutrient-rich soil, and plant the seed, but make sure half of it is out of the soil. The pot should have drainage holes on the bottom.

— Place the pot in a hot and sunny area, and water it like any other trees. If the leaves turn yellowish, don’t water it for a few days, and if they turn brown, the tree needs more water. In this case, put it in a sink, and let water run through it for a couple of seconds.

— The tree might need a couple of years to bear fruits, but when it does, you will own the healthiest, natural, all-organic avocados always at hand!

Or another method is here: Empress of Dirt


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